Bilet Sales Policies (Terms of Use and Sales Contract)

According to Article 3 of the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce ("Law") . All information about Bilet Antalya  is currently on our site titled "About Us" Our goal as Bilet Antalya is; to ensure that you buy your ticket as quickly as possible.
We have designed the following Sales Policy and Sales Contract to satisfy you as a customer and to inform you about the purchase process at
This Sales Policy and Agreement constitute part of our Terms of Use.

By subscribing to our website and / or performing ticket purchases, you indicate that you accept the Terms of Use, the Sale Policy and the Terms of the Contract and the Statement of Privacy, understood and contented exactly as you have agreed, we advise you to communicate with us on the contact numbers provided on our site before any purchase of tickets or approval of your order, in the event of a claim or complaint, unlike the sales policy and / or contract provisions.

By purchasing a ticket from our site and confirming your order, you acknowledge that you are bound by the terms of this Agreement.You accept that all procedures,  and procedures for tour / event tickets will be governed by the terms of the Agreement below when you purchase tickets from our site.

Also by confirming your order; before buying the ticket; * You acknowledge and agree in writing that you have no right to withdraw in accordance with Article 15 (g) of the Distance Contracts Regulations, * all necessary information and contact addresses, * all features relating to the clan and service you have purchased and *also the total ticket / you declare and commit

Before we approve your orders, we emphasize that you are receiving written informed consent under your consent, and that the preliminary informed consent is an integral part of this Agreement.

In addition, with this agreement and preliminary approval, you also need to be aware that you are clearly  informed that "you will be liable for payment if your ticket purchase order is approved"

Ticket Terms and Conditions

1 - sells tickets on behalf of "organizer, event venue, club or theater" ("Event Organizer") that organizes the tour / event in which you purchase your ticket as an authorized ticket sales agent, but is not authorized to set ticket prices and seats In addition, the Organization Company reserves the right not accept to the place of activity for those who are not eligible for the event / tour, by returning the ticket fee.

2 - Tickets are sold through various points such as internet, call center. Tickets can be consumed quickly in popular events as all sales channels have reached the same ticket pool. In some cases the event may be preceded by an Event / Tour Organizer's decision and additional ticket sales, but we have no control over the capacity or availability of tickets, and we can not give any warranty in this regard.

3 -The Event / Tour Organizer may cancel events or change dates for various reasons. The organizer determines and announces the procedure to be applied in this case. Bilet Antalya is not responsible for the cancellation of the event or changing the date of the activity/tour . In case of the cancellation or changing of the date / activity or a tour / event, depending on the condition of obtaining the necessary authorization from the Event Organizer, we will make reasonable efforts to inform ticket owners about such cancellation or change.

4- As a rule, all ticket sales are accounted for. You do not have the right to withdraw tickets that you have purchased in pursuance of Article 15 (g) of the Distance Contracts Regulation In the event of cancellation or postponement of the event / event, the Event Organizer reserves the right to make certain restrictions on the refund terms, as well as the right to amend the program. In this context, www.biletantalya does not assume any responsibility.

5- For the extra services provided by the supplier companies (transfer, rafting, yacht tour etc.) via, In accordance with the Road Transport Law No. 4925 and the Marine Tourism Regulation, transportation authorization certificate and General Conditions of Road and Sea Freight compulsory seat Personal Accident Insurance ,belong to the contractor firm and is not responsible for the documentation and content of these services

6- BiletAntalya is not under any other liability, commitment or responsibility with regard to ticket sales / ticket sales and / or tours / events, other than the related service fee. You acknowledge, agree and undertake that you will not be responsible for the biletantalya except for the limit of liability in this matter that the liability of the Antalya Ticket is limited to this Article.

7- By purchasing the ticket and confirming the order, you agree to the provisions of this contract exactly. All of these terms and conditions are subject to Turkish Law. 
As  Bilet Antalya; we will inform you that all consumers are informed about the terms and content of the contract before you buy your ticket, and you agree that you have acknowledged that your party has been informed about the regulations of this contract by purchasing the ticket and approving the order. In the event of any dispute arising out of this Agreement and / or due to service or ticket purchases, our primary objective is to try to solve the problem.

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